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Take a shower,
Wash away the bad thoughts,
Cleanse your body,
Put on some relaxing music,
Get in to bed,

You’ll Be Okay (via theglasschild)
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Okay, so there is this wife right, she was really cool at first but also had a way of giving out back handed comments and being patronizing. Solely because I am twenty-one and not fucking in my thirties like her. Don’t get me wrong I totally get someone in their thirties thinking that they have more life experience and can give advice and that’s cool but you don’t have to be an incognito asshole, ya know?

Anytime I am having a problem or feeling emotional she instantly just assumes that I am like her and its because of the deployment. No its not because of the deployment. No I am not getting my cramps like I am about to start my period because my hormones aren’t the same because Zach is gone. Maybe its because my fucking uterus is upset and maybe wants to pre game a bit? 

I miss my husband but thats not gonna cause me to have cramps.
OHH I miss my husband soo much here uterus you feel that empty feeling time to start cramping on up.

Then she fucking pulls this bullshit on facebook because I posted a status about wanting 20 something friends that arent with child or have babies to hang out with because well you know I want to be 20 something. 

She goes on a ran stating 
 Ive been there. Married in 20s is an awkward place to be. Single friends want to go drinking/ clubbing/ meet guys. Other marrieds have babies so its hard for them to get away or heaven forbid hold a conversation without mentioning their kids every 5 minutes. Lol. It gets easier in your 30s…well, sort of. Actually in your 30s its about the same if you still dont have kids. Only your drinking single clubbing friends are too old to be in clubs so they want to meet up at scuzzy pubs and bars and the marrried with kids in their 30s cant even havr time to relate. Lol.”

To my response of being 
 I dont care if my single friends want to go out I wanna go with them. If they wanna find guys do it I will be your wing woman. I want 20 something friends they dont need to married just would like some kidless”

From there she just says I need a bigger city.

To that I said 
"Nah I just need people to stop procreating for 5 years"

Then I get the asshole comment.
Lol. Im sure before I had kids I felt the same way. Sadly sleep deprivation and 2 kids later I have no sympathy”

To my perfect reply of
"thats not my choice atm so no sympathy from me either."

Who the fuck does shit like that.
Sorry I dont want to fucking have kids so I can talk baby with you right now.
How about you just stop being so fucking Ohh look at my kids. MY KIDS, MY KIDS. YOU SHOULD HAVE KIDS. LETS HAVE YOU HAVE KIDS.

How about you stop being an annoying asshole and leave me the fuck alone?
I dont want that life for me right now. I am no where near ready and I dont even want to bring a child into the world before Im remotely thinking about it. 

I need people to just lay the fuck off.
I need people to stop asking me.
I need people to just shut up.
I need to just not have people like that in my life.
I need to throat punch some people.

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